What a great way to end our 3-day weekend. Last night's episode of Gossip Girl had us gagging at all the cliché lines and reeling with all the plot developments. Let's see. Two break-ups, two weddings, two Orlando Bloom references, it's just too much too handle. Without further ado, our usual storyline ratings after the jump. Spoilers abound. Sorry, there really isn't a way to do this without spoilers.

The Lily and Rufus need to shut up and getting married already storyline.

PowerPlay: Lily wears the pants in the relationship. +3

Is friends with Mayor Bloomberg. +5

LilyFail: Lily has writer's block. -3

Is [probably] no longer friends with Mayor Bloomberg after wasting his time by running away from her own wedding. -5

Fashion Points: Lily's updo at her wedding. We like. +3

Um, what's with the magenta ruffles? -3

Worst Line Ever: "Or we could just LEAP. Let's LEAP, let's get MARRIED, like SOON, TOMORROW, LEAPPPP!" -10

Runner-up: "Wufus! I'm coming with you! He's our son! We're doing this together!" -5

Overall: -15

The Vanessa is a pawn storyline.

Tragic Flaw: Has no spine. -20

Or brain. -50

VanessaFail: Throughout the entire episode. -20