Five People Chris Brown Is Most Likely To Fight With Next

Wikimedia Commons

Chris Brown throws punches like it's going out of style. Last Sunday, the irreverent R&B singer beefed with Frank Ocean—whose debut album "channel ORANGE" wowed critics last year—over a parking space outside of Westlake Studio in Los Angeles. Brown has previously exchanged fisticuffs—and bottles—with former "Degrassi: The Next Generation" star Drake in a New York nightclub. Like an active volcano or a Kardashian sex tape scandal, it seems the question with Brown isn't whether he will strike again, but when. As a public safety precaution, the Arts blog has provided a list of the top five people Brown is most likely to fight next. You have been forewarned.

1. Wiz Khalifa

Brown has already beat down the top three people in Ghostface Killah's "Top 10 Softest Rappers in the Game" list, and Wiz Khalifa is next up at number four. If Brown is going for a high score, he has to go through Khalifa.

2. Dick Cheney

Our trigger-happy former vice president is known for several things, including his steadfast refusal to acknowledge climate change as a real problem. On the other hand, in his opus "Big Booty Judy," Brown argues persuasively that he is indeed feeling a perceptible increase in temperature: "Dress so elegant, ass like an elephant / Shorty got me hotter than I've ever been." This could be a showdown of epic proportions, unless Cheney shoots Brown in the face first.


3. Betty White

This one probably isn't that likely, but if it does happen, let's hope it's on the set of "Hot in Cleveland."

4. Lindsay Lohan

The former child star is known for two things: her fiery temper and her love of free parking. Brown's latest incident only goes to show just how scarce parking is in Los Angeles is, and it's frightening to think what would happen if these two firebrands tried to pull into the same spot at the same time.

5. Chris Brown

Brown hates it when people get all up in his grill, and no one has shown more skill at sticking his nose where it doesn't belong than Brown himself. One of these days, Brown might just teach himself a lesson in minding his own business.