‘Sunroof’ Singer Nicky Youre Lights Up Harvard Yard at Crimson Jam


Making his stage entrance to chants of “Hey Nicky, you’re so fine,” pop artist Nicky Youre called on Harvard students to put their hands up and get their heads out of the sunroof during Crimson Jam, the College’s annual fall concert.

Youre, best known for his 2021 single “Sunroof,” headlined the event, which also featured performances from sophomore Wesley Wang ’26 and student groups STRYK9 and Yard Bops. The concert, hosted in Old Yard on Friday, drew hundreds of undergraduates eager to celebrate the end of their first week back on campus.

The festivities were hosted by the College Events Board and the Dean of Students Office.

Louis K. Murray ’27 said he went to the concert only after hearing the loud music from outside of his dorm in Harvard Yard but ultimately said he was “quite enjoying” the show.


“I think Nicky Youre has put on a great performance,” he said.

Nicolas Dominguez Carrero ’25, who originally was only familiar with Youre’s pop hit “Sunroof,” said he wasn’t expecting to enjoy the concert as much as he did.

“I was surprised at how much I liked his other music, and I thought he played really cool covers,” said Dominguez Carrero, a Crimson Magazine editor.

Violet T.M. Barron ’26 said she planned to dance the night away at the concert, but she said she was sad because some upperclassmen view the event as primarily for freshmen. Typically, Yardfest, the College’s spring concert, draws a larger crowd than its fall counterpart.

“I am in support of a pan-grade, pan-school union in support of Crimson Jam and ‘Sunroof’ singer,” said Barron, a Crimson Editorial editor.

As a freshman attending his first Crimson Jam, Jacob Z. Lin ’27 said the concert was an amazing way to close out the first week of his undergraduate career — despite the heat wave that swept across the Boston area last week.

“It feels unreal. All my friends are here and we’re just enjoying the night,” he said. “It’s been a great first week, and it’s amazing to have such an amazing night to end it off.”

“Everyone’s got their hands up and vibing, and the heat is absolutely insane — I meant that both literally and metaphorically,” Lin added.

For some seniors and juniors, who experienced Crimson Jam cancellations due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the concert took on extra meaning.

“Honestly, I kind of miss my friends — and a lot of my friends graduated this year — so I was trying to reestablish the year,” said Kaija M.V. Hornburg ’24-’26. Hornburg was originally part of the College’s Class of 2024, but she took time off due to the pandemic.

“I’m just excited to be doing something other than school, and I like the idea of an inclusive partying atmosphere,” Hornburg added.

Before Youre even took the stage, the undergraduate openers pulled the audience in.

“There’ve been some very talented bands here. More so than any other college I’ve ever seen,” Cooper H. Skenyon ’27 said.

Aside from the performance, students were treated to a Mediterranean dinner, trolley rides around Harvard Yard, and an inflatable obstacle course.

Amav C. Khambete ’27 said he took a ride on the trolley to “just vibe.”

Khambete also rated the concert a “10 out of 10,” adding that it was an “amazing way to end the night.”

Dominguez said that he is hopeful that the concert can kick off a great year.

“It was really fun and it’s kind of set a positive trajectory, hopefully for the next few months and then for the whole year,” he said.

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