37 Students Declare Candidacies for UC Midterm Elections


Thirty-seven students have declared their candidacies for 16 available seats on Harvard’s Undergraduate Council, according to UC Election Committee Chair Perry M. Arrasmith ’20.

The campaigning and voting period began Tuesday at noon and will conclude at noon on Friday.

The 16 vacancies are the largest number of spots on the Council to be open during February elections since at least 2015. The vacancies the resulted from resignations or term endings. Several representatives resigned this year after serving only one semester of their year-long terms.

The 37 candidates running for seats mark a slight increase compared to last year’s 34 candidates. Among them are 14 sophomores, nine juniors, and three seniors.


The UC seats of four Houses — Currier, Dudley, Eliot, and Dunster — are currently filled. There are also no open seats in three of the freshman yards — Crimson, Ivy, and Oak.

Meanwhile, three Houses — Cabot, Pforzheimer, and Winthrop — will have non-competitive elections. With only one candidate running for two open open seats, there will still be a vacancy in Winthrop House after elections conclude.

The most competitive election is in Elm Yard, with 11 freshmen running for one seat. In the Houses, the most competitive election is in Quincy, which has six candidates running for two seats.

The candidates for Undergraduate Council are as follows:

Adams House

Tucker R. Boynton ’22

Ilan M. Goldberg ’20

Cabot House

Daniel R. Brunnick ’22

Kirkland House

Elijah J. Suh ’22

Davis J. Tyler-Dudley ’21

Angel A. Mata ’22

Michael J. Shafer ’21

Jacqueline F. Tubbs ’22

Leverett House

Kanishk Mittal ’20

Benjamin S. Rabinowitz ’21

John “Jake” E. Leary III ’22

Lowell House

Oliver S. York ’21

Samyra C. Miller ’21

Miriam T. Abrha ’22

Mather House

Jinyuan “Ryan” Zhang ’21

Dhilan Ramaprasad ’21

Zachary A. Zimmer ’22

Pforzheimer House

Analli C. Torres ’21

Jayla-Whitney M. Spidell ’22

Quincy House

Matthew S. Miller ’21

Benjamin M. Simon ’22

Annie J. Lu ’22

Noah J. Caza ’22

David A. Tanner II ’22

Carolina Ranfagni ’22

Winthrop House

Angel U. Onuoha-Onyekuru ’20

Elm Yard

Evangelos Kassos ’23

Demya T. Toogood ’23

Richard B. Reid ’23

Jaden D. “JD” Deal ’23

Katherine Y. Zhu ’23

Sarah Bolnick ’23

Aidan L. Golub ’23

Ezra B. Feder ’23

Kevin Tan ’23

Peter L. Laskin ’23

Emilio J. De Leon ’23

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