Harvard Student Agencies Elects New President

Angelina R. Massa ’18 might not be running students through SAT vocabulary lists, but she will be running 67 Mount Auburn Street next year.


Massa, who is currently managing director of the Harvard Student Agencies’ tutoring agency for high school students, will begin her one-year term as president of the business on February 1, 2017.

HSA, founded in 1957 and run entirely by students, now employs over 500 undergraduates and consists of 15 agencies, from laundry services for Harvard students to publishing.

Outgoing president Stephen Xi ’17 said he was enthusiastic about Massa’s upcoming presidency, on which a board of undergraduates, faculty members, and alumni voted confidentially last week. Matthew M. Hawkins ’18, current managing director, was the runner-up.


“I’m really excited for Angelina. She’s going to be a fantastic president,” Xi said.

Massa began her career at HSA as a tutor during her freshman spring. By sophomore fall, she had been promoted to a manager of the tutoring agency, and the next semester she became the managing director of the entire tutoring agency.

Dominique Sanders ’17, current HSA vice president, said Massa is an example of sustained commitment to the organization.

“Something that’s really great about Angelina is that she had a lot of upward mobility in HSA,” Sanders said. “I think that really speaks to the opportunities that students have at HSA to become involved in the organization.”

After deciding to run for president in early August, Massa met with all 30 current HSA managers to learn more about each agency. The past few years, she has seen the tutoring agency grow rapidly and plans to expand the entire agency as president.

“Tutoring is the third largest and fastest growing agency in HSA,” Massa said. “So I want to take that growth, learn what’s working there, and make it company wide.”

She cited a recent collaboration with Computer Science 50 staff as another example of recent growth.

“We recently partnered with CS 50, and we share a fourth floor office with the CS 50 TFs,” she said. “When they came in, they redesigned the whole office—bean bags and everything. So that’s been fun for us.”

Massa also wants to foster a tight-knit working environment like the one she experienced while working this summer as the managing director of the tutoring agency. She said she enjoyed attending weekly barbecues and bonding activities.

“I think it’s really important for people to want to come into work everyday,” Massa said.


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