Sailing Competes Along North Atlantic Coast

Smooth Sailing
Daniel M. Lynch

The Harvard sailing team, shown above in earlier action, competed in four regattas this weekend.

The Harvard coed sailing team split up once again this weekend to compete in four regattas along the northern Atlantic Coast in one of the last competitions of the 2013-2014 season.


The Crimson's best finish this weekend was third place at the George Morris Trophy, hosted by Boston University. This intersectional regatta featured FJ sailing, and nine teams came out to compete.

“The conditions were difficult Saturday opposed to Sunday,” senior Luke O’Connor said. “The wind and water was extremely volatile and shifty.”


O’Connor was joined by junior Rebecca Frankel in A division and finished in second place. In the B division were senior Ben Lamont and freshman Priscilla Russo, who finished in 10th.

The O’Connor and Frankel combination had a strong start and finish, coming in first and second place in the first two and last two rotations. This pair has been racing together for quite some time, but they won’t be sharing a boat for much longer.

“Rebecca and I got nervous at the start when we realized this was the last time we were going to be racing together,” O’Connor said. “This was our last regatta on a course we’ve sailed before. It was important for us to just focus on how we were comfortable on this water.”


Harvard’s second top finish this weekend was at the Boston Dinghy Cup, held on the Charles and hosted by its neighbor, MIT. Similar to the Morris Trophy, the conditions were choppy on Saturday but evened out on Sunday.

Of the 17 schools that came out to compete in this intersectional regatta, the Crimson didn’t finish worse than seventh place. Junior Brian Drumm and sophomore Jacob Bradt took third in the A division, Brian’s twin, Michael and senior Isabel Ruane finished seventh in the B division and junior Gram Slattery paired up with freshman Olivia Kjorlien for sixth place in the C division.

There were two types of boats being used, FJs and NC Fireflies.


Despite finishing in 12th place in the Admiral’s Cup down at King’s point this weekend, the Crimson’s Juan Permero, a rookie, finished in first in a standout performance in the C division.

“The greatest strengths for me this regatta was a combination of my speed down wind and my boat handling,” Permero said. “Overall, I think my boat handling was pretty good.”