Dance center will find home in QRAC, displaces sports facilities

The conflicting interests of dancers and Quadlings has given rise to debate on House open e-mail lists about the plan.

The lack of student input seems to lie at the core of many students’ opposition.

Council members said they are particularly disappointed that students were not consulted in formulating the plan and that no Quad residents will be on the QRAC committee.

The committee is being chaired by Acting Associate Dean of the College Judith H. Kidd and includes Dance Director Elizabeth H. Bergmann, Pforzheimer House Co-Master M. Suzanne McCarthy, Office for the Arts Director of Programs Cathleen D. McCormick, and planning administrators.

The two students on the committee—Rebecca J. Alaly ’05 of Mather House and Anne T. Hilby ’05 of Eliot House—are dancers.


Bergmann said the committee will handle much of the renovation’s technical issues, such as soundproofing the studio and determining ceiling heights.

The renovations are expected to last 18 months once the committee makes its decisions, Bergmann said.

Gross responded to concerns about the lack of Quad representation by saying that he is willing to add a Quad resident to the committee.

“QRAC was the only place that was seen with enough space that didn’t totally wipe out another activity,” Bergmann said. “I think the administration really is concerned and putting their best foot forward to solve the problem, but it’s a hard solve.”

Gross also wrote in an e-mail that the QRAC was the only space available that met physical requirements for a dance space.

To offset the loss of space, Gross wrote that he will consider buying some new exercise equipment for the QRAC as well as a better maintenance system for the Quad House gyms.

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