Commencement 2020 Sports

Kicking Bass
Men's Basketball

Senior Perspective: Justin Bassey

My journey through Harvard and with Harvard Basketball has been the greatest adventure of my life thus far.

The Suddle Art

Senior Perspective: Jake Suddleson

No, this wasn’t how my time at Harvard was supposed to end.  But, with new challenges come new opportunities. And with new opportunities come new experiences.

Through Cloudy Days
Women's Crew

Senior Perspective: Grace Eysenbach — Learning from Imperfect Ending

After finishing my junior spring competing on the Harvard-Radcliffe Heavyweight Crew Team, I knew I needed to take the next semester off of rowing. This is probably not how you expected a senior student-athlete reflection article to start.

Year in Sports

The Conclusion of a Controversy-Riddled Tenure: Parting Shot

Every article which the Sports Board produces has an overarching question, a reason for putting the pen to paper and dedicating that precious time which might otherwise be spent in Kong eating crab rangoons.

Year in Sports

Finding the Meaning of Sports: Parting Shot

As I leave the ranks of Crimson Sports, that is my final request: To athletes, be more than just athletes. To fans, view athletes as more than just athletes. And never just shut up and dribble.