Complaining about the weather is finally off the convo starters table, and Harvard students can now bond over the coming of spring instead. However, even though the sun seems so bright and the weather forecasts so promising, the current wonderful weather is likely short-lived. Don’t squander these few precious warm days and go outside. Feel the balmy air gently caressing your skin instead of ripping it off your face as usual. Most importantly, do everything you’ve dreamt about doing during the oppressive cold and rain that tormented us just a week ago. Seriously, don’t waste time — fickle Cambridge climate will likely bless us with another snowstorm any minute now.

Plan a picnic

Catch people asking you to “grab a meal sometime” by surprise and invite them on a picnic. The wholesome sight of cheery students enjoying the weather is certainly brochure-admissions worthy, and might even put a smile on Dean Khurana’s face. If you are feeling extra adventurous, have that picnic in the beautiful Boston Common, but don’t forget to wrap the bottle with a paper bag. Or grab a blanket, a love interest, and some El Jefe’s to go, for a cheap and romantic stargazing date (bonus points if they appreciate your burrito breath).

Take pretty pictures

Your mom has probably asked you to send her some pictures of Harvard a million times. After all, she has to illustrate her “My kid goes to Harvard, what does your kid do?” smugness somehow, right? Now that the beautiful architecture isn’t obscured by the never ending flurry of snowstorms, you can finally take humblebraggy Instas of our campus in all its sunny collegiate glory.

Exercise outside

Exercising is only dreadful if you do it in stuffy Hemenway surrounded by smug law students who you totally weren’t checking out. Getting physical outside might even give you a healthy bronzed glow to show off at Yardfest (though we’re not even sure if it’s still happening).

Enjoy cold delicacies

Warm weather means iced drinks and cold desserts are back. Finally, nobody is going to condemn your ice cream eating habits (except for that judgy roommate). Special shoutout to HUDS, who better come through with that raspberry pomegranate aka. the best dhall ice cream flavor.

Wear something nice

Whip out your cutest outfits that you bought in back-to-school excitement but couldn’t actually wear. And if you really are ~extra~, show the world that Elle Woods is forever our spirit animal and soak the warm rays in that sparkly piece that will get you into a lot of tourist pics. Or, feel free to don some shades to avoid annoying link mates and networkers, and look extremely cool while doing so.

So soak up some Vitamin D, get into your happy spring mood ,but don’t put away your Goose just yet — Cambridge weather might be even more fickle and unreliable than Harvard’s wifi.