Today marks the official start to summer (if you couldn’t tell by the steadily rising temperatures) which means, above anything else, it’s time to start having some real fun and seriously question your decision to trade your air-conditioned house for a hot dorm during the summer.

For people hanging around Harvard, the sad reality that parties are “prohibited” in dorms for the next few months might have seemed like the death knell for your turn up plans this summer. But never fear: Flyby has you covered with our weekly rundown of all the fun activities and events going on in Cambridge and Boston this week. {shortcode-ef81ac4e1ee0d81f11275fc3b87904e89760671d}

Summer Solstice Celebration
Monday at 5 p.m. | 11 Divinity Avenue

Harvard Museums of Science and Culture are kicking off the summer with food, fun, and performances at their Summer Solstice celebration on Monday night. The event is completely free to the public (none of that Harvard ID business), and it features free admission to four of Harvard’s coolest museums and a sweet lineup of local food trucks. What says summer better than counting down the solstice with friends and a nice cone of Ben and Jerry’s ice cream?

Central Square City Dance Party
Friday at 7 p.m. | Central Square

Who needs a cramped and hot dorm when you can dance your heart out in the middle of the street (this time without almost getting hit by a car—looking at you late-night yardlings walking back from House parties and goofing about on Mass. Ave)? Cambridge’s City Council must’ve been thinking about us when they decided to throw a dance party in Central Square. The party is free and open to the public, meaning you’ll get to jiggy to Drake’s “One Dance” with thousands of Cambridge residents (and tourists!). The entire square will be “closed to traffic but open for dancing,” so there’s no excuse not to get out of the Harvard bubble.

The Summer Social “White Party”
Saturday at 8 p.m. | William James Hall

Speaking of parties, the Harvard Extension Business Society and Harvard Extension Student Association are throwing an all-white party atop William James Hall this Saturday. If you want to party on the roof of one of the windiest buildings on campus (and you are 21+), head out to this sweet summer event. There will be an open bar, food, and live music from Boston’s DJ Alexander Padei. Check out the event's Facebook page to reserve your tickets ($12 early bird, $15 regular).

Harvard Movie Night
Saturday at 6:30 p.m. | Science Center Hall B

Summer School students (and anyone with a Harvard ID, really) have it lucky: Harvard is hosting weekly movie nights every Friday and Saturday night through July 30th. And we’re not talking old movies that you’ve probably seen a million times; these are recent blockbusters. First up for this Saturday is Jurassic World, so if you’re a dinosaur fan, or if you just want to see Chris Pratt make quips at CGI-beasts, then head over to Science Center Hall B to catch the flick.

Shameless Binging
Anytime | Your Room

Bet you didn’t see this one coming. While we’re all for getting out of bed and actually doing things with our lives, when else do Harvard students get the chance to binge relentlessly, without fear of wasting valuable time that could be spent psetting or trying to save the world? If you haven’t already burnt through the new season of Orange is the New Black, then take Sunday to plop down in front of your TV or phone and lose yourself in one of Netflix’s best shows. Unfortunately, there might not be much “Netflix and Chilling” going on given how hot these summer dorms get, but you’re all smart. You can make it work.