With this week being the last full week of classes and reading period in a couple of days, there’s not much time to salvage your grades. But with less class time comes more final papers and projects that you hurry to complete. Now, we’re all left scratching our heads at the best way to score extensions from our tireless TFs and professors. Not to worry, Flyby’s got you covered.

1. Start attending office hours

When you want an extension, the best way to start is by making a good last minute impression on your TF and/or professor. What better place than to start by becoming besties with your TF or professor? Office hours is the best time to bond over House of Cards or just get friendly with your TF or professor by asking them about themselves (people will like you more if you ask them to talk about themselves, right?). Keep in mind though that others might have the same idea come the end of the semester, so you might want to get there early to save yourself a good seat, aka not be left waiting out in the hallway for two hours. 

2. Turn to your TF or professor for therapy and general life advice

Tell your TF/professor how much work you have with other classes (ie. psets, essays, group projects, etc.) and that you’ve been having such a difficult time managing all your coursework in addition to all the clubs and organizations you’re involved in to the point of ripping your hair out. Your professors should sympathize with you by the fact that you are such a tired, well rounded individual, right?  

3. Contract Mono

And if all else fails, remember that if you’re diagnosed with a sickness, the doctor will order you to at least a week of bedrest. That means unlimited extensions on whichever papers/projects you have. Especially group projects. Wouldn’t want to get your classmates sick, now would you?

With these tips in mind, we hope that asking for extensions will be much easier!