After what feels like 36 straight months of snow, sleet, and cold weather all around, it finally seems like spring is here. In order to remind you how to enjoy warm weather and fresh air, Flyby presents our guide for a sunny day.

1.  Support Local Businesses

The emergence of the sun from its five month-long hiatus necessitates at least two things: summer clothing and iced beverages. If you’ve managed to forget all of your t-shirts and shorts at home in your haste to pack every sweatshirt you own, then you’re probably going to have to stop by a local store and pick up a trendy new outfit so you won’t be sweating in your parka and boots. Between your ventures into Harvard Square’s myriad clothing stores, be sure to pick up a cold refreshing drink like an iced coffee or a frappe!

2. Get Fit

Nice weather means no excuse to avoid exercise. If you like uneven brick paths and sporadic pot holes, you should definitely opt for a jog through the Square. If your preference is for crowded one-way streets, you could ride your bike along Mass Ave. If you want to see how many tourists you can get to join in your exercise, you might want to try some Tai Chi in Harvard Yard.

3. Take a Stroll Along the Charles

Pluck up the courage and ask that brown-eyed hottie from section what their plans for Wednesday afternoon are. When they list no less than 17 academic and extracurricular commitments to you, spend 45 minutes trying to coordinate a time when you are both free (maybe after lecture and before tutorial? Should someone just send out a Doodle poll?). If the stars align and you set the date, it promises to be a wonderful afternoon of pleasant conversation and good company.

4. Picnic in the Yard

Pack a blanket, parasol, and bagged HUDS lunch, and choose your favorite patch of grass in Tercentenary Theatre to sit comfortably. We recommend a spot where you can watch freshmen running from their dorms in a halfhearted attempt to make it to Sever exactly on Harvard time for class. A word of caution for even the most naturally cautious: the Yard squirrels have no qualms about running off with a PB & J.