We all know the story: boy goes to Harvard, boy makes popular social media site, boy drops out of Harvard and goes on to become one of the world’s youngest billionaires. But there’s a plot twist!

Years later, boy makes a welcome video for the Class of 2018, encouraging them to go to Harvard. Boy goes on to say that he hopes the admitted students “will stay a bit longer than I did.”

So why exactly is Mark E. Zuckerberg going to such great lengths to convince the students to actually graduate? Admitted student Federico Roitman thinks Zuckerberg did it to get the class excited for Harvard. “I think he wanted to show the class that there are a lot of opportunities at Harvard,” says Roitman. Others seemed quite skeptical of Zuckerberg’s intentions. “I wasn’t aware that he was still affiliated with or connected with Harvard,” says Elizabeth F. Koch, “I guess it shows that he did leave on good terms.”

These poor kids don’t know just how wrong they are.

Zuckerberg didn’t make this video to get students excited about college. He made it because he feels threatened by the 5.9 percent. Everyone dreams of being dubbed “most popular dropout,” but it seems that Zuckerberg is reluctant to give up the title he stole from William H. Gates III. So he’s going to continue making these videos and winning over the hearts of prefrosh until every last student graduates. The nerve!

Nice try, Zuckerberg, but we’ve figured you out.

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