{shortcode-04110c6625a809fbc8a695aa1cbbfb2c3cb700cc} There is a pivotal moment in every Harvard senior’s final semester when they reflect on their four years at Harvard and try to figure out the best way to commemorate the good memories.

Should they write an op-ed in The Crimson? Pick up the camera and document every second of their last month here? Dig a tunnel from their new home to their House so they can always go back if a bout of homesickness arises?

How about taking a page from Jill E. Abramson’s book? One of our most esteemed alums, Abramson ‘76 currently serves as executive editor of The New York Times. She was number five (!) on the 2012 Forbes Magazine’s List of the World’s 100 Most Powerful Women and, oh, she casually has a tattoo of the Crimson Harvard “H.”

In an interview for Out magazine, Abramson explained her reasoning for the “H” as well as for her New York Times “T”. She stated, “I have two then on my back that are the two institutions that I revere, that have shaped me.”

Harvard Seniors: It’s time to think about your ink!