A recently published post on Craigslist advertised something just slightly on the unconventional side: a full ride to Harvard University, with a bonus upon graduation.

The only catch? You’d be attending in place of the advertisement's owner, doing all the work and reaping all the benefits, but without any of the credit. “All you have to do is attend all classes, pass all tests, and finish all assigned work, while pretending you are me.” Kind of seems like you’d get jipped.

However, the ad, which has since been removed, does make a compelling case by stating: “I will pay for your tuition, books, housing, transportation, and living expenses and pay $40,000 a year with a $10,000 bonus after graduation.” Man, sign me up. You’d earn a small fortune and be paid to do homework—every geek’s dream come true!

The concluding sentence bodes ominously: “You do not need to worry about being accepted, I have already taken care of that.”

Taken care of that? How? Did you buy your way into college, only to buy your way out of it? Or was murder and espionage involved, à la Scandal? We may never know.