Anyone who has walked through the Yard lately may have noticed that Tercentenary Theatre is still recovering from a rough weekend of partying. The combination of rain and thousands of wandering feet at last Friday's 375th Anniversary Celebration have left the grass (much of which has been replaced by dirt and mud) looking less than spectacular. Fortunately, Facilities Maintenance Operations has plans in the works to restore the Yard to its former grandeur."Because it's too late in the year to plant grass seeds, [Landscaping Services] is going to install sod around the edges of the walkways and in the middle of Tercentenary Theatre," said Harvard University Public Information Officer Tania M. deLuzuriaga. She said that Landscaping Services is accustomed to dealing with both large campus events and the heavy traffic that the Yard sees each day.

"Having experienced other events where it has rained, they were expecting that they were going to have to do some work. Hundreds of thousands of people walk through Tercentenary Theatre each year, so Yard maintenance is part of what [Landscaping Services] does regularly," she said.

Sod installation will begin on Tuesday, and although the repairs are weather dependent, Landscaping Services hopes to have the Yard restored by the end of the week.