Tiger Woods' very public apology has tongues wagging about his future value as a sports figure, including that of Stephen A. Greyser '56, a professor emeritus at Harvard Business School.

Greyser spoke to New England Cable News last Friday, after Woods expressed regret for his transgressions in a 15-minute televised apology.

"How far does it go? It doesn't go very far," Greyser said in the interview. "At least in my opinion."

Woods' future seems dreary as—according to the Davie-Brown Index, a measure of a celebrity's influence on brands and consumers—his standing among the general public has dramatically decreased. Woods was ranked as number 6 last year, but he has since plummeted to number 24.

So what's Tiger to do? What he does best, said Greyser. Play golf and win.

"That's what builds his brand and that has the potential to bring it back, but that's no guarantee," he said.