Welcome to Central


Looking to get out of the Harvard Square bubble, but don’t want to go across the river? Look no further than Central Square. A twenty-minute walk from Harvard’s campus, Central Square is an easy field trip for students and tourists alike. Here are some recommendations for the beginner Central Square traveler:

  1. Cicada

A prime eavesdropping spot located on Prospect Street, Cicada is a bustling cafe that serves expertly crafted Vietnamese dishes, coffee, and pastries. Try out a new coffee order, like their Sai Gon Espresso Latte , or grab a drink in the evenings in the comfort of Cicada’s lush, lively ambience, accentuated by large, leafy houseplants. Live-sketches and Polaroids of the cafe, stacks of books, and abstract art line the walls. Make sure to invite friends or even a first date.

  1. Seven Stars

For book and crystal lovers, Seven Stars on Mass. Ave. is the perfect place to browse for new reads. The store has a large selection of spiritually-oriented books for those interested in exploring different forms of religion and spirituality from around the world. In front of the cash register, a glass display case holds a range of crystals, like amethyst and rose quartz.

  1. Boomerangs

Head to Boomerangs on Mass. Ave. for some of Cambridge’s best second-hand picks and hidden treasures. It hosts a range of thrifted finds — from clothes, shoes, to household items. A trip to Boomerangs could take anywhere from fifteen minutes to an hour, depending on the time available for a thorough thrift shopping experience.

  1. Cheapo Records

Across the road from Boomerangs, Cheapo Records sells a huge variety of records, and music enthusiasts can spend hours combing through their collection. The store also sells clothing, including an array of band tees.

All things considered, Central Square is a perfect diversion from the day-to-day routine of Harvard Square. There’s always more to explore with endless coffee shops, amazing restaurants, and Central’s graffiti wall!