University Police, Health Services Chiefs Caution Students to Stay Safe Ahead of Harvard-Yale Game

{shortcode-fb8e6a2df3a8203af214f72e252e2faf9d5af3ad}Harvard University Police Chief Francis D. “Bud” Riley emphasized in an email to College affiliates Wednesday that the Boston Police Department will have ultimate jurisdiction at the upcoming Harvard-Yale football game — and he told students to stay safe at this year's Boston-based iteration of the Game.

The 135th rendition of the Game will be played Nov. 17 at Fenway Park instead of its usual location at Harvard Stadium.

Boston Police will have primary jurisdiction in the areas surrounding Fenway Park — the home of the Boston Red Sox — while Harvard Police will be stationed on the University’s campuses. In Riley’s email, he wrote that HUPD is “fully committed” to providing a “safe and secure campus” in Cambridge and in the Allston and Longwood neighborhoods of Boston on Friday and Saturday.

Riley said HUPD and Boston Police have a “strong working relationship” and engaged in “numerous discussions” leading up to the Game. He said Boston Police requested attendees respect the rules of the park, abstain from consuming alcohol underage, and take public transportation or Harvard-run shuttles to the event.

“Any violations of Park rules or laws will come under the jurisdiction of Fenway Park Security or the Boston Police Department,” Riley wrote.


Riley said attendees who violate Fenway Park’s rules or Massachusetts laws will be ejected from the park or arrested.

The College’s amnesty policy — which grants intoxicated students under 21 exemption from University punishment in certain cases — will remain in place during the football game, according to Athletics Director Robert L. Scalise.

The policy dictates that students who approach Harvard employees to seek medical assistance for themselves or for intoxicated friends will not be punished for underage drinking. Employees include Harvard University Health Services professionals and College residential life staff. The policy does not cover inappropriate or illegal actions students commit while drunk, and the College cannot prevent local or state authorities from arresting students for other crimes.

HUPD spokesperson Steven G. Catalano wrote in an email last week that one “HUPD command-level supervisor” will be stationed at Fenway to liaise with both Boston Police and Fenway security officers. Riley wrote that information about a student who “comes to the attention of Boston Police or Fenway Security” will be passed to this liaison.

“It is my hope that those who travel to Fenway, representing Harvard College, have a safe and enjoyable time at The Game,” Riley added.

Harvard University Health Services administrators also sent an email to College students Thursday reminding them to hydrate and eat throughout the weekend.

Paul J. Barreira, director of Harvard University Health Services, and Garrett O. Fitzgerald, director of the Office of Alcohol and Other Drug Services, encouraged students to practice safe alcohol consumption by pacing themselves while drinking and alternating alcoholic beverages with water. They also urged students not to mix alcohol with substances such as marijuana, cocaine, and other illicit drugs.

“We hope that you are safe, that you look out for those who need it, and you have fun as a Harvard community,” Barreria and Fitzgerald wrote.

—Staff writer Alexandra A. Chaidez can be reached at Follow her on Twitter @a_achaidez.


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