How These 6 Housing Day Videos Will Determine the Next Three Years of Freshmen’s Lives

If you get into this house you will…

{shortcode-0fb9fd3ba3d4a791f309496f3004f9dd460f9bff}1. Become a Broadway Star.
Dunster residents need to look no further than their house to kickstart their Broadway career. This video merges excellent singing, dancing, and choreography into a stellar production that is far and away better than the other Housing Day videos. Dunster smartly points to the new renovations for prospective freshmen with Liz Kantor ’18 singing, “All brand new and freshly clean, Dunster’s got that special sheen.” Cleverly changing the lyrics to everyone’s favorite movie musical, “La La Land,” Dunster invites and excites prospective freshmen to join the community.

{shortcode-ad832dd361194a4b16a9217c9a99c1ad780fa0a0}2. Bust out the marshmallows and sing campfire songs.
All future Kirkland inhabitants should receive an unlimited supply of s’mores and lighter fluid to create the perfect campfire where they can sing the “Kirkland Song Song.” This jingle, a parody of SpongeBob SquarePants’ iconic “Campfire Song,” picks up the pace with every line. If this doesn’t scream middle school summer camp, I don’t know what does. The video features a guitar player singing the chorus repeatedly, the Pumba-like mascot up to all kinds of trouble in the dining hall, and students animatedly clapping along to the music.

{shortcode-4e4d33068f4baa4b7448dc8f18bcea9ffcda4018}3. Think that you live with Taylor Swift.
Currier residents, keep your eyes—or your ears—peeled for your favorite Currier popstar. That’s right—you are living in the very same building as Taylor Swi—Brynn A. Elliott ’18! I seriously thought that it was Taylor Swift at first singing. Elliott’s voice sounded sweet and yearning, accurately capturing Swift’s sound. She sings, “It’s so small, so you’ll know us all well,” in an attempt to reassure freshmen that the Quad is not the end of the world!

{shortcode-fae83c71da9e83de3b3d9eda427fca85e31ed8d7}4. Buy a pantsuit.
Eliot hopefuls should look forward to drawing inspiration from their talented upperclassmen and potential housemates. Look no further than “My House,” which features Caroline N. Rakus-Wojciechowski ’18 rapping and rocking a slim-fitting white pantsuit. “Welcome to my house, all the freshmen know now, this can be your home, wow, you don’t have to go out,” Rakus-Wojciechowski says. Her confidence while singing and dancing makes the video enjoyable to watch. I also sincerely hope more Eliot residents will pick up on the pantsuit trend. One of the video’s strengths is definitely costume.


{shortcode-9bd3eb5c5208bf9ce8c95ddc2735410b2f3b29c0}5. Channel your inner Regina George and wear a bunny costume.
Leverett House dwellers, be prepared to get into house spirit by dressing up as your mascot! In this video, all actors wear bunny ears, the bunny mascot dances along with the students, and everyone eats carrots. In accordance to the theme, students cuddle real bunnies and Bruno Mars’ song “24K (or Carrot) Magic” is changed to include, “We’re in Leverett gear, bunny ears, ain’t no other house to choose.” Prospective Leverett sophomores should be willing to make every day Halloween and channel their inner bunny. The actors do an impressive job committing to this particular aesthetic.

{shortcode-f78386174d84e8d5d432ff71fd9b686fbe8004cc}6. Join a cult.
Cabot members, be guarded when attending your next HoCo meeting. Even though most freshmen are already suspicious of all Quad houses, Cabot takes Quad culture to an intense and cult-like level. The dramatic opening starts with a tight shot of the fish mascot and then slowly pulls back, revealing a candlelit meeting filled with shadows and orange hues. The actors all sport serious expressions and speak in a medieval style, as if they’re all a part of a “Game of Thrones” war meeting. One Cabot resident declares, “I don’t care if [the Cabot Cod] only has one fin. He is my king, from this day until his last day.”