Engagement: Joshua G. Wilson ’13 and Sorrel L. Nielsen ’14

Courtesy of Joshua G. Wilson

Engagement: Joshua G. Wilson ’13 and Sorrel L. Nielsen ’14

Names: Joshua G. Wilson ’13 and Sorrel L. Nielsen ’14

Concentrations: English, English

Houses: Currier, Dunster

Hometowns: Palisade, Colo.; Bishop, Calif.

Dating since: 8 months ago


Where you met: A Crimson party. [Nielsen is a Crimson arts executive.] We both just knew that this was a fit. We’re gonna be engaged for another year or so and get married next summer.

When you got engaged: May 22, 2013. A couple days ago, I invited Sorrel to take a walk with me down to the Radcliffe Sunken Garden. I said I needed to take a phone call. Then I took the ring out of my pocket. I came back and held her hand.

Most memorable date: Before winter break, we went to the MFA [Museum of Fine Arts] and looked at famous big fish paintings: “Watson and the Shark” and Turner’s “Slave Ship.”

Three words to describe yourselves as a couple: Fun, bookwormy, fast (“like cheetahs, in everything we do”)

What your friends would say about you: Everybody’s really enthusiastic. They’ve been congratulating us.

Something you’ve always wanted to tell people: Sloths are moral paragons.

In 15 minutes you are: Asleep

In 15 years you are: Happily raising children


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