Senior Committee for Class of 2012 Decided

House representatives will serve as Harvard Alumni Association liaisons

As First Class Marshal Bonnie Cao ’12 was getting ready to catch the shuttle from her room in Pfoho last night, she glanced over at her roommate Leslie A. Rea’s computer and saw an email from the Harvard Alumni Association, congratulating Rea ’12 on her election as a House Representative to the Senior Class Committee.

“I’m still kind of in shock that I won,” said Rea, who will now join Cao on the Committee.

Rea and twelve other representatives chosen from each of the undergraduate Houses will join the eight Senior Class Marshals on the Senior Class Committee. The Committee plans events throughout the year, including Senior Bars and Senior Week, functions as a liaison between the class and HAA, and serves as the head of the class after they leave Harvard. A class secretary, treasurer, and webmaster will be elected internally.

While the full list of House Representatives will not be announced until Friday, names have been trickling out since last night. Seniors chose the representatives from their individual houses via an online election open from Saturday to Tuesday.

Recently elected representatives said they are most enthusiastic about helping to plan events for the senior class and encouraging students in their House to participate.


Eager to offer up ideas—including a senior class showing of the Hasty Pudding Theatricals, class t-shirts, and a program to highlight a “senior of the week”—Kirkland representative Kristen E. Arn ’12 said she is excited to help “build class unity.”

The new committee members also said they were excited to represent the interests of their individual houses in the planning of these events. Many of the newly elected SCC members, including Rea and Adams representative Anne G. Douglas ’12, have taken active roles in the leadership of their House Committees.

“I’ve invested a lot of my life in Quincy House,” new representative Collin A. Jones ’12 said. “We will have the potential to be extremely involved in senior class decisions.”

Representatives have also said they look forward to serving the class following graduation, including organizing the planning of future reunions.

“One of my biggest fears with graduating is drifting apart from people,” Arn said. “Having to stay in contact is selfishly comforting.”

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