BRIEF: United Research Incorporated Project Manager Arraigned For Embezzlement

George Papadopoulos—a former United Research Incorporated (URS) project manager for Harvard construction projects in Allston—was arraigned Tuesday morning for embezzling millions of dollars from Harvard and the Massachusetts Port Authority to spend on hotel rooms, home improvements, and Armani suits.

Papadopoulos has been accused of sending both Harvard and the Massachusetts Port Authority inflated bills for the amount he had stolen to cover up his theft, in addition to submitting more than 250 falsified expense reports between 2004 and 2008.

Additionally, prosecutors allege that Papadopoulos attempted to steal $3 million while vice president of URS, and $15,000 from STV, the New York engineering firm that hired him after his termination at URS.

Papadopoulos faces a total of four counts of larceny: three counts for his thefts from URS, Harvard, and the Massachusetts Port Authority, and one count for his theft from STV.

According to court documents, Papadopoulos spent more than $1 million in personal credit card expenses, in addition to $515,000 on home improvements and $110,000 on Armani clothing.


URS is the construction management firm that is currently overseeing the building of the $1 billion Allston Science Complex. The University is planning to halt construction of the complex this spring, when the foundation of the structure has been completed, but well before it is ready for occupants.

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