Theater Previews

Student performances of Grease, Bat Boy, and Shulamis

Bat Boy
Meredith H. Keffer


December 4-12

Loeb Experimental Theater

Directed by Mia P. Walker ’10

Music Directed by Adam Gold


Choreographed by Beth Shields

Produced by Matthew P. Zehnder ’11

Fifties classic “Grease” gets a modern update in the Harvard-Radcliffe Dramatic Club’s upcoming production. With a plot centered on self-discovery, rebellion, and love, “Grease” is a perennial—albeit traditional—favorite. The adolescent drama centers on the romance between Sandy and Danny, who serendipitously find themselves attending the same high school after ending a summer fling.

This production imaginatively recreates the well-known film by exploring the grittier side of its material.

“It’s a totally re-envisioned version of ‘Grease,’” says Talisa B. Friedman ’10, who plays Sandy. “It’s much darker, in a sense that it’s getting back to the real roots of high school and what the issues we face are. We stripped away the poodle skirts and bubblegum and all of that.”

The aesthetic vision of director Mia P. Walker ’10 reflects this edginess with a combination of junkyard, diner, and car elements. “‘Grease’ has all the elements there,” she says. “It has sex, it has pregnancy, it has rock ‘n’ roll, it has rebellion, and it has insecurity. But it’s disguised in a sort of happy-go-lucky nifty fifties, toothbrush, Colgate, Coca-Cola guise. It’s the perfect show to rip apart.”

—Alex C. Nunnelly


December 4-10

New College Theatre


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