Lewis Appointed New Dean of the College

Faculty Member To Replace Jewett

Harry R. Lewis '68, McKay professor of computer science, was appointed the next Dean of Harvard College, Dean of the Faculty Jeremy R. Knowles announced in a letter to the Faculty of Arts and Sciences (FAS) yesterday.

"Professor Lewis's commitment and dedication to the College has been obvious to many of us for a long time," Knowles said in a press conference before meeting with the faculty council yesterday afternoon.

The appointment marks a fundamental transition in the post of Dean of the College, a job which has been held by a career administrator for the past half century.

Lewis will replace current Dean of the College L. Fred Jewett '57, who has held the position for a decade, on July 1. Jewett announced last spring that he would retire at the end of this semester.

In addition to his administrative responsibilities, Lewis will continue to teach one course each semester, he said.


Lewis should be familiar with the duties of the Dean of the College, having served as co-chair of the Committee on the Structure of Harvard College whose three suggested alternatives for that position Knowles did not follow.

The report suggested three models: a faculty "superdean," divisional deans or the status quo.

Instead, Knowles created a fourth model; anacademic Dean of the College, complemented by theDean for Undergraduate Education.

To aid in Lewis' transition, Dean forUndergraduate Education Lawrence Buell has agreedto extend his term until June 1996, Secretary tothe Faculty John B. Fox '59 said yesterday.

Lewis will assume Jewett's responsibilities,but with his academic background will also serveas an Academic Dean. These deans advise the Deanof the Faculty on academic appointments and otherissues.

"There was a happy meeting of the minds,"Knowles said of Lewis' appointment. "Now we shallhave two faculty colleagues responsible forshaping the undergraduate experience."

Knowing the faculty was eager to have anacademic as dean, Knowles spent the last month anda half searching through the Harvard faculty tofind an appropriate professor, a University sourcesaid.

"It is very difficult to find a professor whois willing to spend their time in theadministration," Senior Associate Dean PhyllisKeller said two months ago. "We are very lucky tohave Dean Knowles as it is."

When the position of dean of the College wascreated in 1890, it was filled with a member ofthe Faculty. But since 1948, with a brief break inthe early 1970s, the position has been occupied bya career administrator.

"I feel it is a good decision to make a facultymember dean because the more senior facultymembers who take part in shaping the College andthe University the better it is," said Dean of theGraduate School Christoph J. Wolff. "We ought totake more responsibility."

Although Lewis co-authored the report withAdministrative Dean Nancy L. Maull, members of thecommittee said that his appointment is not to betaken as an endorsement of the report by knowles.