Christian Fellowship Doles Out Hot Chocolate at Science Center

Members of the Harvard-Radcliffe Asian-American Christian Fellowship (HRAACF)eased this week's transition into the winter season by handing out more than 1,300 free cups of hot chocolate in front of the Science Center.

The project, which began Monday, will continue today and next Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, or "as long as supplies last," said HRAACF Treasurer Ben C. Choi '98, who was in charge of this activity.

What began as a fund-raising idea is now a community service project and has proven extremely popular with the student population, especially in light of the first snowfall this past Wednesday, said Choi, who is a Crimson editor.

"We were really blessed to have snow on Wednesday and that increased the turnout," said Choi.

It is expected to snow again this morning.


Choi said a desire by HRAACF members to reach out to the community prompted the group's decision to distribute hot chocolate.

"The tendency is to sequester oneself as a Christian," said Choi. "[Rathe, than] stand on a pulpit and preach, we decided to serve the community."

Choi stressed that the free refreshment is not a recruitment tactic.

"We wanted to do it before the end of the semester and the snow just coincided with it," Choi said.

This weekend, HRAACF is also sponsoring a free showing of the "Star Wars" trilogy.

"Star Wars," the first film in the series, will be featured at 8 and 10 p.m. tonight. "The Empire Strikes Back" and "Return of the Jedi" will be shown at the same times tomorrow night.