Tweets of the Week: The Football Team Goes to Class

Published by Blake Sundel on September 17, 2012 at 10:12PM

Sophomore defensive tackle Jack Dittmer celebrates after intercepting a Patrick Witt pass in the Harvard football team’s annual contest against Yale. The Crimson routed the Bulldogs 45-7 in the 128th playing of The Game.

Fire up the grill, start up your games of cornhole, and get tailgating because it’s officially football season in Cambridge, Massachusetts. It might be hard to remember because we don’t treat our quarterbacks like this, but yes, Harvard has a football team. A pretty dang good football team if we do say so ourselves.

All right, so maybe we’re getting ahead of ourselves after one game. On Saturday, the No. 24 football team won its home opener against the Toreros from the University of San Diego. The Crimson boasts a 1-0 record, which is more than the highly touted Arkansas Razorbacks can say for themselves.

The jury is still out as to whether that means Harvard could take on Arkansas, but we’re going to enjoy this win. To commemorate the first victory of the year, we’ve compiled our favorite tweets of the week from some Harvard football players.

1) Jack Dittmer wants shorter classes. This week, the junior defensive end complained to his followers about class length:

"Classes that last longer than an hour lose me every time... ‪#whatsthepointscott"

Sorry to break it to you, Jack, but classes don’t really get much shorter than that.  How long is good for you, thirty minutes? Why don’t you try this, pretend class is a football meeting that lasts longer than an hour. That is, assuming you think there is a point to football meetings that last longer than an hour.

2) Dittmer’s teammate, Chris Splinter, does not share the same animosity towards his class schedule. The junior defensive back raved about his Tuesday-Thursday lineup on Twitter:

"Definitely cant complain about only having one class on tuesday and thursday ‪#itsahaloafternoon"

We couldn’t figure out if Halo counts for a Gen Ed or if it’s in the Computer Science department.  If Dittmer had this schedule and the class lasted two hours, would he be able to handle Tuesdays and Thursdays?

3) It appears that sophomore wide receiver Ryan Simpson has been people-watching.  Simpson appeared disappointed with at least one of his peers:

"That's what u r wearing to class today?? I thought that was Ur walk of shame... ‪#whatarepeoplethinking"

Due to the use of letters instead of full words, it is unclear how many people committed fashion faux pas. We suggest an Instagram next time, Ryan, so that peer pressure can fulfill your dream of a better-dressed student body.

Those are your Tweets of the Week. If the football team cuts its meetings to shorter than an hour, well, you know the real reason.  Regardless, the Crimson appear to be in great form, both on the field and on the web.