In Photos: The Paw-pular Residents of Lowell House

Lowell Pets: Griff
Jennifer Su

Griff takes a moment to bask in the sunlight during an evening walk along the Charles River. As Griff’s owner and a resident tutor at Lowell House, Kyle Hildebrandt plays with him and takes him on a walk by the river every day after getting off from work.


Lilith intently studies the cat food that her owner, Chance, is holding up in front of her. A shy rescue kitten who previously lived in Matthews Hall with her parents, Anca Wilkening and Chance E. Bonar, this past year was her first time in Lowell House, with many more to come.


Mooshoo and her mom, Mahnum Shahzad, chill out in a hammock in Lowell courtyard. Named after the dragon in “Mulan,” Mooshoo is an energetic bichon who loves to run around and jump on strangers.



Calliope lounges on the carpet and stares off into the distance at her owner, Anna-Sophia Boguraev. For a calico cat who likes roaming around, this is a small moment of respite in her busy schedule.


After being repeatedly meowed at, Boguraev picks up her other cat Bellamy. Bellamy is an attention-seeking and affectionate cat who loves to come up to strangers and gets grumpy when not receiving the attention she deserves.


Scout settles down in a patch of flowers in Lowell courtyard, carefully watching his owner Sarah E. June ’14. He is calm and well-behaved, befitting of his title as the longest Lowell resident among all the furry friends here.


Annie Park, the new resident dean at Lowell, gives scratches to her chihuahua Jerry on a bench in the courtyard. Even at 13 years old, he still enjoys going outside in the afternoons to sniff around and catch some sun.


Wally and his owner, Georgia L. Stirtz ’17, take a break from playing with sticks found at the John F. Kennedy Memorial Park. While he may look tough, Wally is a very gentle and sociable dog who enjoys playing around with the other furry residents of Lowell House.