From the Editors: A Year of Triumph and Heartbreak


The 2022-23 season marked Harvard’s second campaign in action after the Covid-19 pandemic. Fans have surged back to campus in droves for competitions big and small, teams have returned to complete practice and game schedules, and Crimson Sports has had the opportunity to cover Harvard's return to normalcy across more than 40 varsity sports teams.

The season has brought a mix of incredible triumphs and heartbreaking defeats for the Crimson, which also brought home two national championships while making 17 postseason tournament appearances. While dominant dynasties have continued their reign at the top of the collegiate sports world, Harvard has fallen just short of securing coveted bragging rights, conference championships, and even national titles. Crimson squads have announced themselves on the national stage, rising to new heights and breaking long-standing records, while some have fallen from the pinnacle of achievement into periods of rebuilding.

At The Harvard Crimson, we have had the privilege to cover all of the action. From storied rivalries to dominant performances to heartbreaking defeats, our reporters across every varsity sport have sought to bring the stories behind Harvard Athletics to life. Driven and committed athletes have fought through tremendous adversity to compete at an elite level, persevering through injuries and defeats in their pursuit of excellence as student-athletes. On the sidelines, visionary and inspiring coaches, established campus legends, and rookies alike, have continued to set a high standard of achievement and drive Crimson competitors to be their very best.

This Year in Sports issue aims to tell the story of a monumental year for Harvard sports by highlighting the stories of the extraordinary people that defined the season, and the results, good and bad, of all of their dedicated commitment.



Mairead B. Baker ’24 | Sports Chair

Aaron B. Shuchman ’25 | Sports Chair