To the Editor: From Six Crimson Alumni In Regard to BDS

To the Editor:

We write in reaction to your editorial dated April 29th, in which you express unambiguous support for the BDS movement. It is a position with which we vehemently disagree.

The undersigned are an ad hoc group of Crimson alums who share great memories from our days on the paper and deep affection for the institution. Part of what we cherished during our Crimson tenures was our unfettered ability to determine editorial policy. We believe that that independence, influenced by neither the University administration nor alumni, is core to the strength of the Crimson. We affirm our unwavering support for that independence, which endows each Crimson editor, executive and editorial board with tremendous freedom and responsibility.

Over the years, all of us have taken issue with one or another Crimson decision, but no disagreement ever rose to the point where many among us have decided to register our collective dismay and disagreement. Your editorial in support of the BDS movement is as unpersuasive as it is wrong. You have endorsed a movement which is not a solution to the Israeli- Palestinian conflict; it is quite simply an accelerant of antisemitism. And you have abrogated your editorial responsibility by failing to sort lies and distortions from truth.

Criticism of how both the Israelis and Palestinians are dealing with the conflict is fair game. We do not presume to recommend an editorial position which addresses the complexity of the problem and the elusiveness of a solution. However, we are unanimous in our view that no editorial which meets that standard could ever include an endorsement of the BDS movement.


We understand that a single editorial may not reflect the views of all the current Crimson editors. This particular editorial, however, is seriously damaging to a newspaper we love, and which has a very proud history.


Mike Abramowitz ’85

Kim Davis ’76

Larry Grafstein ’82

Linda Greenhouse ’68

Gil Fuchsberg ’85-’88

Jonathan Weintraub ’85