To the Editor: On ‘UC Meeting Stalls Due to Lack of Attendance’

To the Editor:

I was disappointed to see The Crimson’s coverage of the Undergraduate Council general meeting that took place on Tuesday the 22nd. The article “UC Meeting Stalls Due to Lack of Attendance” blames the slow progress of the meeting on a lack of quorum, but any that paid attention to the meeting would have seen that in fact, fewer than 30 minutes were spent on legislation in the entire meeting, with the rest of the time being used for presentations and questions about the Citizens’ Assembly and Shopping Week. The council never lost quorum while considering legislation and was certainly never delayed by it. In fact, the council was relatively efficient when the time did come to vote, with three bills being considered, voted on, and passed – one even being amended – in just under half an hour. The article also reports that “only 29 representatives attended the meeting,” but a review of the attendance report will show that 34 members were present for at least part of the meeting. The student body is always best served when The Crimson provides an accurate and fair account of the UC.

Ivor Zimmerman

—Ivor K. Zimmerman ’23, a Crimson Editorial editor, is a Classics concentrator in Kirkland House and a member of the Undergraduate Council.

Editor’s Note: A previous version of the article in question, “UC Meeting Stalls Due to Lack of Attendance,” contained factual inaccuracies that were subsequently corrected and disclosed.


—Guillermo S. Hava, Editorial Chair

—Orlee G.S. Marini-Rapoport, Editorial Chair

—Raquel Coronell Uribe, President