To Swipe or Not to Swipe (Your HUID): Harvard’s Libraries are Single and Ready to Mingle

Ever wondered about the sex lives of college libraries? Five hot, single libraries are less than a mile away…




He/him, 107 y/o, 80 ft. tall

My uniform: Sweater vest, leather briefcase, and my Rolex watch (gift from grandpa before he died on the Titanic 😢)

First round is on me if: You also only drink whiskey on the rocks (“Never delay kissing a pretty girl or opening a bottle of whiskey,” as Ernest Hemingway once said)

One thing I’d love to know about you: If you think I should join the Spee (to be progressive) or the Porcellian (to be traditional)

Two truths and a lie:



He/him, 49 y/0, 20 ft. tall

My uniform: My “I took CS50” shirt

Dating me is like: Business by day, party by night 😉

Two truths and a lie:



She/her, 73 y/o, 30 ft. tall

My uniform: Sweatpants and crocs

I’ll fall for you if: You buy me Red Bull (Summer or Blue edition)

Don’t hate me if I: Accidentally call you “mommy”

Two truths and a lie:



She/her, 80 y/o, 20 ft. tall

My uniform: Pantyhose, heels, pearls, and something floral

An overshare: I’ve gone from frenemies to lovers to enemies with W***ner

This year, I really want to: Purge my shelves of books written by white males

Two truths and a lie:


Law School

He/him, 205 y/o, 40 ft. tall

My uniform: Elbow-patch blazer, cross-body bag, dress shoes, and tortoiseshell frames (but just the frames; I have 20/20 vision)

You should *not* go out with me if: You’re more of an a priori than a a posteriori person

My love language is: Jargon

Three truths and a lie:

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