A Note to Readers

To our readers:

Eighteen months ago, Harvard shut down its campus — and The Crimson’s printing presses fell silent. Since our last print issue on March 13, 2020, we’ve continued our daily news operation online.

Though spread across continents and time zones, our team of writers, photographers, designers, programmers, and business associates worked tirelessly to innovate new digital methods of delivering our content. Still, the core of our mission — to hold Harvard and its affiliates accountable and keep readers informed — remained, taking on renewed importance as they were cut off from campus, one another, and the people who make decisions on their behalf.

With students across Harvard back in Cambridge for the start of the fall semester, we intend to continue that work — both online and now once again in our daily print newspaper.

Today, as Harvard returns to in-person classes, The Crimson’s first print issue since spring 2020 can be found on news racks across campus. It chronicles an unusual move-in during a pandemic, Harvard’s continued health protocols as the Delta variant rages, political strife over the University’s construction in Allston, and much more. It’s the result of hours of work by our staff members, many of whom stepped into our offices at 14 Plympton St. and met each other face-to-face for the first time this week.


We thank you for continuing to support us online and trusting us as your source for Harvard news throughout the pandemic, and we’re excited to see you paging through our print issues in the dining halls and classrooms again.


Amanda Y. Su ’22
President of the 148th Guard

James S. Bikales ’22
Managing Editor of the 148th Guard