A Note to Readers: The Last Supplement of Its Kind, Hopefully


To Our Readers:

The 2021 “Year in Sports” edition marks a third supplement that The Crimson Sports Board has completed during the hiatus in Ivy League sports. This should, however, be our last in this style. And we are certainly grateful. In the fall, our writers look forward to attending games, interviewing student-athletes live, writing game stories, and following the weekly tidbits that a team produces over the course of a long season. This year in sports has been lean, but we look forward to a full slate of action on the field, court, track, ice, mat, and anywhere else competition occurs.

That being said, not all has been lost. There are still plenty of stories to follow. Sure, without seasons being played during the 2020-21 academic calendar, we do not have the traditional superlatives to award, such as “team of the year” and “athlete of the year,” but there are nonetheless stories that capture the talent, achievement, and work ethic of Harvard’s student-athletes. This year, Crimson athletes were activists, reunited siblings, and professionals, in the sports world and beyond. Moreover, the last year has allowed us to reflect on how university policies have affected student-athletes and their eligibility, and whether or not student-athletes handled the last year differently than students at large. And finally, this sports commencement edition has still allowed outgoing seniors to reflect. For example, two-term sports chair Joey Minatel gives his “parting shot.”

As we look forward to the fall, a bright future seems to be drawing nearer and nearer. But before we turn the page on the past year, let us first appreciate the memories, stories, and experiences that continue to define our student-athletes and shape our campus. While Harvard’s fields, stadiums, and arenas may have remained quiet in 2020-2021, a lot has gone on over the past year and continues to go on right now. Before we move on, we should take the chance to look back.



William C. Boggs ’22 | Sports Chair

A.J. Dilts ’23 | Sports Chair