Covid-19 at Harvard: Latest Test and Case Count


As some students, faculty, and staff return to campus for the spring semester, Harvard has set up a testing apparatus aimed at stopping the spread of coronavirus. Students living in campus housing have to get tested three times each week; most other affiliates regularly spending more than four hours on campus each week must be tested once a week. Harvard is also providing once-a-week testing to enrolled undergraduates living off-campus in the greater Cambridge area.

This semester, Harvard College rolled out a color-coded system that represents different phases of campus reopening amid the coronavirus pandemic. Each color — red, orange, yellow, lime, and green — represents the gradual easing of campus restrictions and opening of more on-campus spaces.

Below is a summary of the data Harvard has reported about test results on campus and an indication of the College's current reopening status.

This post will be regularly updated. Last updated on March 18, 2021.