Harvard to Host ‘Crossroad Series’ in Renovated Smith Center

{shortcode-3d50d3c549748e7d65742e9d9f36d9c13d5ce20a}Harvard Common Spaces—a division within the University’s Campus Services arm—is launching a new initiative meant to better integrate the University community through pre-programmed events in the Smith Campus Center starting fall 2018.

The Crossroad Series will allow recognized undergraduate and graduate student groups to hold events in a multi-tiered, partially glass-walled space in the newly renovated Smith Campus Center. Crossroad Series events will take place on Wednesdays and Thursdays starting next semester, and will be open to students, faculty, and staff. Some Crossroads Series events will be open to the public as well.

Originally called Holyoke Center, the Smith Campus Center—located in the heart of Harvard Square—was renamed for donors Richard A. and Susan F. Smith in 2015. Renovation began in 2016; the renovated center is slated to open in fall 2018. Once completed, the Smith Campus Center will be the University’s first all-campus, indoor center.

Harvard Common Spaces staffers are leading the development of the Crossroads Series. Julie Crites, the Director of Common Spaces, said the job is an exciting one because “it is the first of its kind throughout all of Harvard’s extraordinary history.”

“The space where we will be hosting the Crossroads Series is really one of the hallmarks community spaces that has been created at the Smith Campus Center,” Crites said. “This large space where the Crossroads Series will take place is called Harvard Commons.”


Crites credited University President Drew G. Faust and the Smith family with the ideas underlying the Crossroad Series.

“The development of the Campus Center has been an opportunity to create common spaces on campus, which has been part of President Faust’s visionary leadership on creating spaces that make this community more integrated,” Crites said.

Tracey Daley, the program coordinator for Harvard Common Spaces, said the Crossroads Series will allow students from different schools within the university to meet and collaborate.

“Coming from the Law School, everything can feel very decentralized,” Daley said. “I am very much looking forward to something that can tie the entire community together.”

Crites said the Crossroads Series will likely prioritize events that are open to the public. Harvard Common Spaces is accepting proposals for student-sponsored events and programs to feature in the Crossroads Series this coming fall semester through May 1.


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