New Target to Open Near Quad in Porter Square

{shortcode-b33c2958197a65a9cd9c4740f0f97ef2f62abed4}Extending its reach to new Cambridge neighborhoods, Target plans to take over a long-vacant space at the Porter Square Galleria less than one mile from the Quad.

This is Target’s second foray into Cambridge, and one of several stores the chain has opened in the greater Boston area. The signature red bullseye hit Central Square this past March to the excitement of some students and Cantabrigians.

According to Cambridge Day, Target signed a ten-year lease for the property, which is located directly across the street from the Porter MBTA station and has been vacant since Walgreens left the space in summer 2015. The store will be two stories high and almost 8,000 square feet larger than the Central Square location.

A spokesperson for Target declined to comment on the new property. An opening date has yet to be announced.

Tess Saperstein ’18, who described herself as a "Target enthusiast," said this news was “very exciting” and that she was “intrigued” by the possibility of a larger Target in Porter Square.


“It’s a large space, so that makes me inclined to think that it will have all of the amenities of a Super Target, which is the alpha of the Targets,” Saperstein said. “I’ve visited many of the Targets that are in the general vicinity, and because of space restrictions, none of them have really been able to carry all of the food options and clothing options and all the many things that Target generally has in one space.”

“I think that this Target has a lot of potential,” she added.

Other students, especially those from Quad Houses, said they were very excited about the larger and more conveniently-located Target.

Currier House resident Brandon N. Wachs ’18 said he looked forward to shopping at a Target near the Quad because of the wide selection and affordability the store offers.

“Being in the Quad, it’s huge in the sense that you get more general of a store that you wish there was something like in the Square,” Wachs said. “While maybe looking forward as an adult, I wouldn’t necessarily get that excited for a Target. As a college kid, it’s definitely the perfect kind of store that you’d want near you.”

Naomi G. Asimow ’18, who lives in Cabot House, said she has shopped at Target for her entire life and is “thrilled” about one coming to nearby Porter Square.

“I really like the range of products you can get there, and I also feel good supporting Target as a company because they’ve often taken stances publicly on social issues I care about,” Asimow said.

Before the Central Square branch opened, some students used to make the roughly 1.5-mile trek to the Somerville Target. Several students remarked on Target’s grocery selection, saying that they could get fresh and affordable groceries at Target that were harder to find elsewhere near campus.

According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, Harvard Square is considered a “low access zone” due to a lack of affordable groceries.

“It’s incredibly unfortunate that I will be graduating this year, because that means that I won’t be able to reap the benefits of this new Target as much,” Saperstein said.

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