Get Out: Spring Break

Spring break plans fell through? Forgot to make plans at all? Don’t worry. If you’re stuck in Cambridge for this break, FM has you covered. We’ve planned out your first free day to distract you from the misery of a cold, empty campu


Spring break plans fell through? Forgot to make plans at all? Don’t worry. If you’re stuck in Cambridge for this break, FM has you covered. We’ve planned out your first free day to distract you from the misery of a cold, empty campus.

Friday March 14, 2014

9 A.M.

Wake up energized and ready to start your spring break!

Just kidding. It’s the day after housing day, and FM knows you’re probably hungover, tired, and grumpy. Unless you’re one of the unlucky few who still has class today, why would you ever wake up before brunch (read: lunch)? So what does FM recommend you do if you’re up at this ungodly hour? Groan, roll over, and fall back asleep.

12 P.M.

Now this sounds more like a wake up time. It’s time to stretch, yawn, and leisurely begin your spring break at a reasonable hour.

12:30 P.M.


It’s March 14, which means that the date is 3/14, and, if you go to Harvard, you should know that means it’s Pi Day. What better way to celebrate this mathematical constant than with a savory (and possibly free) pie for lunch? Take a ten minute walk to Petsi Pies, a bakery and coffee shop right near the yard. Since it’s Pi Day, Petsi’s is holding an all out pi competition. For reciting just ten digits of pi from memory, you get a free Cutie Pie. For reciting 314 digits, you get a free large Pie. 628 digits (applied math concentrators rejoice!) earns you a free pie per season gift card. That’s one free pie per finals period—not something that FM thinks you want to pass up.

WHEN 7 A.M. – 7 P.M.

WHERE 285 Beacon St. Somerville MA 02143

PRICE $3.75 a slice (or free if you’re smart)


2 P.M.


Hunger satisfied and pie devoured, it’s time for another activity. Take the T into Boston and head over to the rink at the Frog Pond. There, you can walk around the Common and work off all that extra pie with a couple of laps skating around the ice. We know, we know, ice skating sounds lame, but admit it: you’ve wanted to take your skates out and find a human-sized rink ever since Harvard opened up that frozen puddle near the Science Center.

WHEN 10 A.M. - 10 P.M.

WHERE 84 Beacon Street, Boston, MA 02108-3421

PRICE $5 for admission, $9 for skates


5 P.M.


You’ve already taken the initiative to leave the Harvard bubble and go into Boston, something FM knows you probably haven’t done all semester. Now it’s time to take advantage of some of the cool things the city has to offer. Take the T downtown to check out SoWa, an area in the South End famous for its cool art galleries, good food, and cute stores. Window shop (look, but don’t touch—this area is pricey) and find a cute restaurant to grab a bite to eat. Then, maybe hang around for a couple of drinks. Boston is famous for its breweries.

WHEN Anytime you want

WHERE South End, Boston

PRICE Splurge-worthy


9 P.M.



Ok, maybe museums aren’t your thing, especially on the first day of break, but who can say no to free stargazing on the roof with fancy astronomical equipment? We know you can’t. Besides, if you’ve taken our advice, you’ll probably be a little tipsy by now, and the stars will just seem that much more interesting.

WHEN 8:30 P.M. - 10 p.M.

WHERE Boston Museum of Science



11 P.M.


For those of you lucky few who are 21 and older, this event speaks for itself. St. Patty’s day is coming up on Saturday, and there are tons of bars and clubs in downtown Boston waiting to help you celebrate. To register for the “official” pub crawl, go online and send in your information; then, enjoy a night of drinking at a discounted price. If you’d rather go your own route, just head downtown and follow the night.

WHEN Anytime after 9 P.M. (or earlier, if you’re into that)

WHERE Downtown Boston

PRICE: Varies


While we’ve walked you through one day of break, you’ve still got a week left. So we’ve picked out a few fun week-long events for you to check out.


You aren’t traveling over break, so you might as well get in all the culture you can without leaving Boston. Check out the cool stores, good food, and fun vibe in Boston’s Chinatown.

Boston Loves Impressionism at the MFA

The MFA asked Massachusetts residents to vote for their favorite impressionist pieces. The top 30 picks (including works by Monet, Degas, and Van Gogh) made the cut to be displayed. Even better, it’s free with a Harvard ID.

Dine Out Boston

For two weeks in March, more than 180 restaurants in Boston offer meals at discounted prices. We know a 25 dollar lunch isn’t exactly cheap, but who can resist a bargain and an excuse to skip the dining hall?

And if these don’t keep you occupied for the next week, there’s always Netflix. We know “House of Cards” is just calling your name.