College Solicits Student Input on Stillman Closure

Dean of Student Life Stephen Lassonde has convened a group of students and House administrators to discuss the upcoming closure of Stillman Infirmary and work with Harvard University Health Services administrators on the change, which is slated to take effect at the end of this academic year.

The feedback group will include tutors, proctors, House deans, and House masters in addition to students, according to an email Lassonde sent to undergraduates on Saturday soliciting their participation in the effort.

Lassonde wrote that he hopes to involve up to 10 students in the group, which will meet three to four times in late January and February. Student members will also attend additional sessions to “identify the most important issues” to UHS and Infirmary users.

In his email, Lassonde invited students to request to participate or nominate their peers to “help us think through this transition.” The email also requested that students submit questions and concerns regarding the UHS changes to the group through a Google form that asks students what health services they consider important to undergraduates.



Lassonde’s solicitation of student feedback on the Stillman closure comes amid concerns among undergraduates over the upcoming health services restructuring. Following student outcry this fall, administrators decided that UHS will continue to offer in-person, 24-hour urgent care next year, but maintained that the the infirmary will close in favor of expanding same-day appointments and counseling and mental health services.

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