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Engagement: Abigail E. Hook ’13 and Andrew M. Garbarino ’13

Courtesy of Abigail E. Hook

Engagement: Abigail E. Hook ’13 and Andrew M. Garbarino ’13

Names: Abigail E. Hook ’13 and Andrew M. Garbarino ’13

Concentrations: Psychology, history

Houses: Currier, Leverett

Hometowns: Neskowin, Ore.; Houston, Texas

Dating since: March 2011


Where you met: Annenberg. It was 2:15 lunch, during the second week of school

Where and when you got engaged: New York City on Sept. 7, 2012, at 67th and Central Park West, on a bench at the edge of Central Park

Most memorable date: First date, at Russell House on March 8, 2011. Andrew’s fellow Math CA was the waiter and brought them free carrot cake.

Three words to describe yourselves as a couple: Intense, quirky, honest

What your friends would say about you: We told them so.

Something you’ve always wanted to tell people: Marrying early is not for everyone.

An anecdote that captures your relationship: Abigail convinced Andrew to run the marathon with her this year. They trained and ran together.

In 15 minutes you are: Reminiscing about how far we’ve come since freshman year

In 15 years you are: Missing Harvard