Her Campus Launches Online

Student-created online magazine will launch this week


This Wednesday marks the official launch of a national online women’s magazine,, started by Windsor G. Hanger ’10, Annie Wang ’11, Stephanie M. Kaplan ’10, and Kelly J. Peeler '10. What began as an idea for the Harvard Student Agency’s I3 competition, is becoming a reality for the four women six months after winning the I3 Investment Award.

Her Campus is an online magazine for college women that features six main sections—Style, Health, Love, Dorm Life, Career, and World—as well as blogs, polls, contests, and promotions, according to a Sept. 9 press release sent by Hanger, who is the magazine’s president and publisher.

According to Hanger, the four founders all first worked on Freeze College Magazine.

“We had so much fun doing it that we were inspired to create something similar to Freeze but on a national level,” Hanger said.

She added that she believes that the future of magazines is with the internet.

HerCampus targets college-aged women who want engaging, intelligent content, according to Hanger.

Unlike Freeze, HerCampus will feature both national and local content, which will be written by carefully selected college-age interns across the nation.

According to Hanger, she envisions a Web site that is all-encompassing for a college girl’s life—a Web site that one would go to after checking e-mail or Facebook. Hanger referred to the Web site as “a Collegiette’s Guide to Life.”

HerCampus has declined to accept the $5000 reward in investment money from HSA, since accepting the investment would give HSA an equity share of the company. However, HerCampus operates in an office provided by HSA, another reward from the I3 competition.

Both Hanger and Kaplan plan to work full time for HerCampus after graduation.

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The original version of the Sept. 13 news article “Her Campus Launches Online” incorrectly stated that the online women’s magazine Her Campus was started by three undergraduates. In fact, a fourth, Kelly J. Peeler '10, was involved in the magazine’s creation.