H Bomb Comes to Harvard—Again

After a two-year hiatus, sex magazine will

H Bomb—the campus sex magazine that grabbed student and national attention in 2004—has regained its status as an officially recognized Harvard student group, according to Assistant Dean of the College Paul J. McLoughlin II. The magazine, which has only published two issues, lost recognition this past spring.

Under new leadership, the magazine’s staff plans to print 10,000 copies of its new issue by February 14, nearly two years after its last print publication.

Martha ‘Martabel’ Wasserman ’10, the current editor-in-chief, said the process of regaining official status was “pretty simple and straightforward.” Wasserman was informed today that the Committee on College Life (CCL) had approved H Bomb’s official status.

“There were no major issues about content,” Wasserman said, adding that McLoughin has been supportive of the magazine throughout the process. With official status, she added, H Bomb—well known for including photographs of naked undergraduates—can advertise and distribute on campus, receive grant money, and use the Harvard name.

H Bomb was created by Katharina P. Cieplak-Von Baldegg ’06-’07 and Camilla A. Hrdy ’04-’05 in 2004 to much media fanfare. After releasing two issues, the magazine stopped printing due to financial difficulties.

While under the leadership of Ming E. Vandenberg ’08, H Bomb lost its recognition as an official student group this April due to an incomplete student group registration. Vandenberg, who is a Crimson photographer, declined to comment.

Despite its dormancy, Wasserman—who was hand picked for her position by Baldegg this summer—said she plans to bring back the magazine as an “outlet for a sex positive discussion so that people can learn about their sexuality in a way that is positive and open.” Currently, members of the magazine are meeting once a week to plan the upcoming issue.

“I think it’s going to be a great combination of dirty and smart,” she added.

Firth M. McEachern ’08 recalled being pleasant surprised by the magazine his freshman year.

“I thought it was awesome because we had barely been here for a month and there was a magazine full of Harvard students naked. I thought, ‘Wow, this is such a progressive university,’” McEachern said. “I’m glad to see it again; I hope it doesn’t see the same end this time.”