Two Grad Students Robbed at Gunpoint

Unidentified suspects in Friday-night robbery east of campus remain at large

Two male graduate students were robbed at gunpoint early Friday morning three blocks east of Memorial Hall, the Harvard University Police Department said in a community advisory.

Two unidentified males approached the pair at about 1:20 a.m., and one of the suspects drew a handgun and demanded the victims’ money, according to HUPD. Both victims obliged, and neither was injured.

The victims could not provide detailed descriptions of the perpetrators, the police department’s message stated.

The police currently have no leads, which creates the possibility for a repeat offense from the same perpetrators, said Cambridge Police Department (CPD) spokesman Frank T. Pasquarello.

CPD was not immediately aware of the value of the goods stolen. HUPD spokesman Steven G. Catalano confirmed that at least one wallet containing an unidentified sum of money was taken.

The robbery occurred at the corner of Cambridge and Trowbridge Streets. Because it did not take place on University property, the incident is being investigated by Cambridge police detectives, according to Pasquarello, who added that he does not believe the robbers are targeting the Harvard community.

“The problem is that they are two individuals who chose to commit armed robbery,” he said. “They don’t care if the victims are Harvard students.”

The community advisory recommended a variety of preventive measures designed to keep night owls out of trouble.

“Persons should avoid talking on cell phones, listening to music, or walking too close to persons unnecessarily,” it said. “Trust your instincts.”

The advisory also pointed to the various campus shuttle systems as ways to prevent late-night crime, though Pasquarello stressed the unique problems that surface with each case.

“I would recommend to stay focused on where you are, but every case is different, so it is hard to say,” he said.

According to Catalano, HUPD issues an average of 15 community advisories per year for various forms of robbery.

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