HRDC Elects New Officers

In its annual elections yesterday, the Harvard-Radcliffe Drama Club (HRDC) not only elected new officers, but also set a new path for the future of the organization, members said.

The officers for 2001-2002 are: Cary P. McClelland '02, president; Kate A. Agresta '02, vice president; Naomi R. Krakow '02, campus liaison; Carrie C. Roby '03, treasurer; Dorothy A. Fortenberry '02, publicity coordinator; and Kathy M. Bencowitz '03, technical coordinator.

Jessica F. Shapiro '01, the current president of HRDC, expressed excitement about the new board.


"They aren't looking to maintain the status quo," Shapiro said. "Instead, they all have really forward-looking views."

Some goals of the newly elected executives, they say, are expanding community involvement and publicity.

The candidates asked for "more publicity, more posters" according to Carrie C. Roby '03.

Roby, as the new treasurer, has plans of her own for the HRDC.

"I'm looking to decrease the waste. There's always extra wood that doesn't need to be thrown away," Roby added.

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