Along the Campaign Trail

Free time at Harvard is precious commodity. Between studying, socializing and the rigors of everyday life, it might seem impossible to find time to explore the world outside of Boston--even outside of Harvard--during your short stay in Cambridge.

But travelling in New England is not as difficult as you might think. And the sights you'll see--from the picturesque maritime villages on the North Shore to gritty industrial downtowns in Boston's suburbs to stately Brahmin mansions in Newport--make taking a day off from Cambridge well worth your time.


Getting Around

You do not need a car to explore the Boston area. The Massachusetts bay Transportation Authority (MBTA, or just the T), Amtrak and a number of bus lines make most of New England's attractions accessible for relatively low prices.

The MBTA's commuter rail--the "Purple Line"--operates out of two termini: North Station (on the Green and Orange Lines of the MBTA subway), and south Station (on the Red Line). From these stations, 11 lines radiate into Boston's suburbs, and throughout most of eastern Massachusetts.

Trains run frequently, and on weekends operate on a reduced schedule. Check the T's Web site-- the latest timetables. Fares vary according to how many zones your trip spans. The most expensive round-trip ticket comes to $9.50, but most destinations cost $6 or less.

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