Eight Days A Week: Students Do It All

They are seen only occasionally, usually hurrying across the Yard and almost always running to reach their next activity. Or they may be scarfing food in the Dining Hall, one foot out of the door, already reading for their next section over a hastily thrown together PB&J.

Harvard thrives due to over-committed and over-worked students. Yet even in this jet-setting world, there are some students who are uniquely occupied. Everyone knows at least one: the over-achieving, a bit over-zealous, student leader, researcher or intellectual.

The short of it is, these six students are really busy people.

A Real Education

Many Harvard students moan and groan about their course load. Getting readings and papers done for four courses can be a stretch and those who take five classes often vent about the increased pressure.


But few students deserve to groan as loudly as Carla S. Nappi '99. The Mather House resident is currently taking six classes for credit and is auditing an additional six.

Included among Nappi's classes are Biology 17: "Evolution and Biology," Biology 139: "Evolution of the Vertebrates," along with two cores, four philosophy courses, Music 1b, a religion course and a special concentration tutorial.

A concentrator in Paleo-Biology, Nappi says she completes reading and papers for all of her classes and also manages to attend sections for 10 of her classes each week.

"I read a lot anyway," Nappi says. "So I just read for my classes."

Nappi spends 40 hours a week simply attending classes and sections. At this rate, the super-active undergrad estimates that she will write more than 20 papers by year's end.

In addition to her weighty courseload, Nappi finds time to work 10 to 15 hours a week researching pre- Cambrian microfossil core samples with Professorof Biology Andrew H. Knoll.

In her spare time--what little there is--Nappisays she is "learning to play guitar." Nappiclaims she also spends time relaxing with friends,as well as her fiance, to whom she became engagedtwo days before Valentine's Day.

"I try to use my time efficiently," says Nappi."I don't spend a lot of time sitting around,looking at the ceiling."

But Nappi says she wouldn't endure such a busyschedule if she didn't feel passionately about allof her courses.

"It's really wonderful. I feel like I'm gettingso much out of Harvard," she says.

Putting on the Show

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