Two Strip Queens to Lecture 1944 Tonight

Headlining what the Smoker Committee describes as the "biggest and best" Smoker of all time, Sally Rand and Margie Hart will speak tonight at the annual Yardling affair. Confident that there will be no repetition of the disastrous kidnaping episode of last year, when Rochester, feature attraction for the occasion, was abducted by a group of Tech D. K. E. men, the Committee asserts that all necessary precautions have been taken.

Yvette, popular song stress, who has just finished an engagement at the Waldorf-Astoria in New York, will start off the musical side of the evening's entertainment, and the Jones Brothers' colored band will provide a jazz intermission later for those who like it hot.

Truzzy to Appear

Most novel performer at the occasion will be Truzzy, the "Mad Russian" of the Ringling Brothers' Circus, who is supposed to be the "world's greatest juggler."

After the entertainment in Sanders, the Yardlings will trek over to Memorial Hall for smokes and refreshments. Free beer, pretzels, crackers, coca-cola, orangeade, pipes, cigarettes, and tobacco will stock the commissary.


According to the Smoker Committee, there is a state law which prohibits the selling of tickets at Sanders, and anyone who wants a ticket after sales at the Union have stopped should buy it in the south entry of Thayer any time before 10 o'clock.

Sally Will Lecture

Sally Rand, scheduled to give a talk on "What a Typical Stage-door Johnnie Is Looking for When He Stage-door-Johnnies a Burlesque Theatre Stage-door," will make her second appearance at a Smoker. In 1938, she urged that Harvard students support labor unions and democracy.

In previous years, the Smoker has often been the signal for a riot. Last year's affair culminated in the arrest of seven men and a riot lasting the major part of the night, and required 60 special Cambridge policemen to break it up.