Ski Club Invited To Lake Placid's New Year Tourney

Will Compete With New England Colleges; Ski Hut To Be In Full Use

The Lake Placid Club Snow Birds have invited the Harvard Ski Club to compete in the nineteenth annual College Week tournament at Lake Placid, hold over the New year week-end, it was announced yesterday.

The meet at Lake Placid between December 29 and January 2 is an invitation tournament which will probably be entered by most of the New England colleges. The team will be picked up there, form all those who care to go up, but Captain Tom Winship of the ski team did not care to make any predictions. "Tommy Thomas, Harry Hollmeyer, and a transfer from Middlebury, Lloyd Butterfield, have a pretty good chance. There seem to be a lot of good Freshmen who've had European experience, but every place on the team is open."

No team will be able to enter more than six men, who will compete in the slalom, downhill, jumping, cross-country, and four man relay.

Now Cabin to be Used

The Ski Club's new cabin in Jackson, New Hampshire will be full during the entire holiday, Jack Crawford '42, Chairman of the Cabin Committee, said last night. "Reservations are not all in, but by all indications it would seem that the but will be the center of the club's activities except for the team itself, which will be at Lake Placid."


President Conant will be spending some of the vacation at a nearby hotel. and he has been asked to come over to the cabin for "a bit of lunch with the boys." He has already seen the cabin once, during the early stages of its construction, but unfortunately when he dropped in none of the "crew" were around. He left hem a message written in pencil on a 2 x 4, which has been built into the wall in a prominent position and is shown with much pride to any visitor.