Eddie Cantor: Well, we've got to write a report.

Marie Dressler: Yes, we've got to write a rich, deep, human report for our people.

Mr. Lowell: Yes.

Eddie Cantor: Say, do you remember what George Jean Nathan said about censorship?

Mr. Lowell: No.


Eddie Cantor: Well, it sure ought to panic 'em.

Marie Dressler: All I say is, you've got that great, trusting, lovely public out there, and we folks behind the scenes don't want to hurt that great, trusting, lovely public.

Eddie Cantor: You're right there, Marie. Yes, Mr. Lowell, Marie is right there all the time.

Mr. Lowell: Yes.

Marie Dressler: But the show must go on.

Eddie Cantor: Just like my little boy says, Laugh, clown, Laugh.

Mr. Lowell: That ought to panic 'em. Do you remember Comstock?

Eddie Cantor: No.

Mr. Lowell: Well, he panicked 'em. He was right there all the time.

Marie Dressler: Isn't that lovely Eddie? Now, Mr. Lowell, you write the report. And don't forget Equity.

Eddie Cantor: Sure, you write the report. And don't forget that a good gag is a good gag.

Mr. Lowell: It ought to panic 'em.

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