To Compete With M. I. T. and University of Pennsylvania, at 7.30 o'Clock This Evening--Only Two Veterans Will Represent Crimson

Six members of the University gym team will compete in the first meet of the season at 7.30 o'clock this evening. They will enter against M. I. T. and the University of Pennsylvania at the Walker Memorial Building at M. I. T. There are only two veterans on the University team. Captain H. A. Wood Jr. '24 and A. W. Dole '24, while two members of last year's Freshman squad, M. R. Parsonnet '25 and B. S. Wood '25 will also compete. Tickets may be obtained at Leavitt and Peirce's, or at the door. Dancing will follow the meet from 9 to 12 o'clock.

The entries for the meet are as follows:

Tumbling--University: A. W. Dole '24, M. R. Parsonnet '25, J. R. Weist '24; Penn: J. S. Long, James Wilson: M. I. T.: H. J. MacMillan G. Y. Anderson Jr., S. H. Caldwell.

Parallels--University: H. A. Wood Jr. '24 J. R. Weist '24, B. S. Wood '25 Penn: Theodore Atlee, R. B. McCiry, James Kumazawa: M. I. T. J. T. McCoy, H. G. Shea.

Horse, University M. R. Parsonnet '25, H. A. Wood '24; Penn J. S. Long James Wilson: M. I. T. W. W. Vietnun, R. H. Turner, R. O. Brink l. M. Littlefield.


Rings University: A. W. Dole '24, B. A. Wood '24, Penn; G. V. Presson.

Horizontal University H. A. Wood '24 B. S. Wood '25, Henwar Rodakic wice '24 Penn J. S. Long, Theedore Atlee, James Kumasawa. M. I. T. J. I. Lieety, M. H. King, P. Sulsman.